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$ 40/ 30 minutes

$ 60/ 45 minutes
$ 75/ 60 minutes

$ 105/ 90 minutes

$ 130/ 120 minutes

Gift Certificates available 

I am your therapist, I do not charge different for the various techniques.  No matter what I am doing, I am giving you my all.  I am known for my deep-tissue/therapeutic techniques, but also know how to do complete relaxation work.  My motto: from fluff to thumbs©.  Every session is devoted to your specific needs, and I feel better if you dictate what you are expecting out of the service.  I will utilize my Professional expertise/experience to work everything that can contribute to your injured area.


It is important that any up coming events/races/important training sessions are reported prior to treatment.  If you are an athlete feel free to fill out the upcoming race form to include in your file, this will help us to establish your treatment guidelines.  As an athlete myself, my goals are to help you achieve your goals.  Often to help recover from injury and/or to prevent injury through maintenance. 


With therapeutic massage, it is possible that you might bruise.  If you bruise easily, please inform me prior to treatment so that extra Arnica can be used during treatment.


Normal to feel sore/tender for 24-48 hours post initial massage.  Just like if you were to work out for the first time in a long time.  Essentially at the deep level within your muscle aggressive flushing occurs.  Crucial to eat healthy and to flush the system with water post massage, suggested around 32 ounces of water within 1-2 hours of treatment.  If you are restricted to water intake, adjust accordingly.


Special cushions called Body Cushions are used for Pregnancy and for athletes to be worked side-lined (ie: greater trochanter/piriformis problems). 


Chair massage is offered if needed for events/offices.  Please contact me directly for rates.



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